Data Scientist 2 + years at IceCream Labs

Posted 6 months ago
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Data Scientist 2 + years

IceCream Labs

We are looking for aspirational Data Scientists to solve really complex problems using machine learning and neural nets. If this is you, we’d love to meet you and bring you onboard!

A heads-up on what this role entails:

You will be involved in the complete lifecycle of using machine learning to solve real business problems – including data understanding, feature engineering, model selection, model training, model optimization and deployment.

• We expect you to have 2+ years of experience in Data Science and machine learning
• Hand on real world experience in building & deploying models
• Experience working with tensorflow, pyTorch to building LSTM, RNN, GRU models for text, numerical and time series data
• Experience working with real world problems and data is required
• To be a successful Data Scientist, your skills in math, probability, statistics and building/using algorithms need to be very good!
• To be able to express yourself as a Data Scientist, you need to… have the ability to to write robust code in Python
• Have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, Mathematics or a similar field would be great. A Masters preferred!

Who you are:
• We are already liking you if you have the skills listed above. Now to push it over the top, we expect you to have Excellent communication skills; Afterall, you will have to communicate your ideas and your vision with the rest of the team and the management.
• We mentioned the team, so being a good team player is important for us