Senior Flutter Developer at Tutero

Posted 6 months ago
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Senior Flutter Developer


Hey there Flutter magician

Are you struggling to find that perfect job?

The one that combines responsibility, impact, fun and opportunity?

Well look no further.

At Tutero – we are hiring an experienced Flutter Developer who can come in to develop, maintain and scale! You will be the sixth engineer in an EdTech startup, ready to take on the world

Peaked your interest?

Let’s answer those burning questions in your mind…

1) What do we do at Tutero?

At Tutero we are building the world’s leading platform for personalised online tutoring.

We combine diagnostic testing, gamification and thousands of learning resources to transform how students learn Maths, English, Science and beyond.
• We believe that technology has the power to fundamentally shift how students learn.
• We have a globally distributed team of all-stars all connected by a relentless ambition to improve the education landscape.
• We love our work and laugh every single day.

2) What will this role… involve?
• You will work directly with our CTO and Head of Product to design, develop and secure, scalable software to be used by students globally.
• You will drive new programming initiatives and innovative software solutions.
• You will foster a culture that facilitates innovation, continuous improvement and outstanding contribution.
• You will openly contribute your thoughts, ideas and feedback to our team.

3) Who is right for this role?
• You should have 2+ years of experience working as a Flutter developer.
• You should have a thorough understanding of object-oriented programming.
• You should be familiar with software testing.
• You might have contributed to the Flutter SDK and/or renowned open-source Flutter packages.
• You might have concrete knowledge over low-level Flutter concepts – like sub-classing RenderObject’s or building packages using source_gen.
• You might have experience with Riverpod, MongoDB and Rust.
• You might have a computer-science or mathematics background.

4) What are some of the perks?
• Super flexible work: you can work where and when is best for you.
• You will be challenged with complex builds, allowing you to explore and learn fascinating concepts within Flutter.
• You will lead and manage projects, allowing you to finish each day satisfied with your achievements.
• We are a pure meritocracy – if you are a star, you will be quickly rewarded with new opportunities.
• You will join a team that laughs, smiles and celebrates together.
• You will be joining a life-changing journey that could take you anywhere (seriously, we have mega plans